Old Files Piling Up? Here’s Why You Need a Purge Shredding Service

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When might you use a purge shredding service and what documents should you include? Typically purges involve a large volume of documents that aren’t part of a regularly scheduled shredding routine.

You may benefit from a one-time shredding purge in the following circumstances:

  • End-of-year or end-of-quarter clean-outs when archived files have reached or passed their retention period, and therefore require secure destruction.
  • Businesses that don’t have a need for regular ongoing shredding, but still have a need to shred annually or bi-annually.
  • Families or businesses that are in the midst of a relocation or are simply carrying out a massive spring cleanout.

So what exactly are the benefits of a purge shredding service?

The 5 Main Benefits

1. Fast and Convenient Document Disposal

If you’ve got endless piles of documents flooding your office or desk, it can seem like an extremely overwhelming task to go through them and shred them all. Not to mention an office shredder. You have to remove rubber bands, staples, paperclips etc. before you can even begin the process.

Turning to purge shredding services on the other hand, eliminates this nuisance and is a huge time saver! Hello convenience!  When you take advantage of a purge shredding service, the company typically comes to your location so you don’t even have to transport your documents off-site. Simply contact the shredding provider once your containers are at capacity, and they’ll handle the rest.

Did we already mention convenience?

2. Prevents Risk of a Data Breach

Tossing an old file in the garbage can or recycling bin seems harmless in the moment, but doing so actually puts you at substantial risk.


Dumpster divers and other criminals looking for confidential details about your business or personal financial information, can quickly discover helpful information they can use to carry out fraudulent behavior, whether this be information theft or fraud. Neither scenarios you want to be dealing with! After all, you are responsible for keeping sensitive information protected as a business owner.

A purge shredding service is your best defense against a data breach. Your shredding company will provide you with quality, lockable collection bins that make disposal easy and safe. All material remains locked away from peering eyes until they are collected for destruction purposes.

All paper is professionally shredded and recycled! There is zero chance of recovery with this process, meaning you’re fully protected from the risks of data breach.

3. Improves Employee Productivity Levels

Believe it or not, turning to professional shredding services inadvertently boosts productivity levels. This is because unnecessary clutter can create distractions and make employees feel unmotivated.

A purge shredding service keeps your work environment organized and clean, creating a positive work vibe where staff will be able to maintain their focus more easily. With that in mind, it’s time to open up those cabinets and clean off your desktops.

We know those papers collect quickly! Purge those documents and watch what it does to the look and feel of your office. You may be surprised by the immediate positive shift!

4. Contribute to Overall Compliance

Compliance is a major factor here. It is your legal obligation depending on your specific industry, to follow some very strict guidelines in relation to how you handle information. Stockpiling outdated and unwanted documents, definitely increases your liability exposure.

A purge shredding service helps your business comply with the following laws:

5. Provides Flexibility

You are not tied into a specific schedule or contract when you opt for a purge service. You choose when it’s time to have your documents shred based on your individual needs.

Confidentiality is critical for every organization, but some businesses inevitably generate more documents than others. Enjoy the flexibility of this shredding service like many others do!

Abraham’s On-site Shredding Service Can Help with Your Purge

There you have it. The ins and outs of purge shredding and why it is so commonly used among businesses and residents! If you’re ready to try it out, the team at Abraham’s On-site Shredding Service, provides secure destruction of your documents, right at your location through the use of our mobile shred truck. The process takes a matter of minutes, and it’s performed with little interruption so you can continue with your work day.

After each job, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction, clearly outlining what was shred and how, for your own records and legal purposes should you ever be audited.

Stay protected from information theft and enjoy the benefits of a clean and organized office! Choose our one-time purge option today. We are looking forward to serving you!