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May 06, 2022

The Importance of Document Shredding and Recycling

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd worldwide. The purpose of Earth Day is to celebrate the environment and to raise awareness about environmental issues. One of the most important ways to protect the environment is to recycle! Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and it […]

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April 12, 2022

Benefits of Data Destruction

When it comes time to get rid of old hard drives at your business, you have a few options. You could take the drives to a recycling center, you could try to destroy them yourself, or you could hire a professional company that specializes in data destruction. While taking the hard drives to a recycling […]

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March 31, 2022

5 Documents to Shred After Tax Season

When it comes to tax documents, there is a high risk of fraud and identity theft. Do you know which tax documents to keep and which to shred for your security? During tax season, you must take the appropriate steps to keep your confidential information safe. Document shredding is one security measure that can protect […]

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January 31, 2022

How Ongoing Shredding Helps Your Business

Regularly scheduled shredding services are designed for businesses that generate a large number of papers during their daily activities. This type of shredding service ensures your business remains compliant with federal and state privacy laws and it also helps to reduce the number of documents that pile up in the office. Below is a list […]

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December 17, 2021

How To Safeguard Your Identity During This Holiday Season

The holiday season offers happiness to us all by letting us take a break from work and spend time with the family to enjoy the moment, but it may also bring additional worries that can be detrimental. Whether you’re pushing your budget to buy gifts, planning a trip, or hurrying to finish everything before taking […]

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October 07, 2021

Residential Document Shredding and Security

Do you need residential document shredding? Are you worried about the risks of disposing of a large amount of confidential material? Did you know that there are several benefits to implementing a residential paper shredding program? These benefits include reduced risk of identity theft, reduced waste, improved productivity, and more. Let’s look at these benefits […]

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July 14, 2021

The Red Flags Rule and Identity Theft Prevention

If you own or run a business, you’re probably aware of the many legal obligations you must meet in your daily operations – of course, these requirements vary based on several factors, such as industry type and business size, but in any case, all owners must meet specific standards. Standards relating to ethical behavior and […]

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May 17, 2021

Old Files Piling Up? Here’s Why You Need a Purge Shredding Service

When might you use a purge shredding service and what documents should you include? Typically purges involve a large volume of documents that aren’t part of a regularly scheduled shredding routine. You may benefit from a one-time shredding purge in the following circumstances: End-of-year or end-of-quarter clean-outs when archived files have reached or passed their […]

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April 27, 2021

Fraud Targets Small Businesses: Here’s How To Stay Protected

As small businesses continue to face significant challenges throughout the pandemic, studies reveal there is much hope and optimism around bouncing back and witnessing success again in 2021; positive findings we all like to hear! With that said, while there is greater economic relief now compared to 2020, fraud cases are rising, and specifically they […]

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March 31, 2021

What to Look for in a Hard Drive Destruction Provider

Regardless of the industry specialty, every organization deals with a significant volume of data on a daily basis. Whether this data is derived from paper documents or generated digitally, in the majority of cases much of it pertains to sensitive matters about customers or the individual company.  Matters that should stay private and secure in […]

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