Scheduled Shredding

Scheduled Shredding

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Regularly Scheduled Shredding Services are designed for customers who generate confidential waste in the course of conducting daily business activities. In order to stay on top of your shredding needs, we’ve developed a service that ensures your old files aren’t accessible before destruction for activities that could result in a breach of information. Document shredding services ensure you remain compliant with federal and state privacy regulations and increase compliance among employees. Key employees can work on key tasks instead of setting aside time to carry out destruction protocols themselves. We perform all shredding on-site at your location, within the confines of our specially designed mobile shredding trucks, ensuring that nothing leaves the premises in readable form.

Mobile Shred Trucks

Our shredding trucks are state-of-the-art shred vehicles that house an industrial grade shredding machine and paper collection vault. These specialized machines are able to shred incredibly large quantities of paper at a time, with no need to remove staples, pronged folders, or paper clips. Our diesel-powered shredders destroy material so completely, that it is impractical by any method to reconstruct any confidential data. All shredded material is mechanically pushed into the on board locked storage vault, where it is commingled with, literally, tons of other paper. At the end of the day, all of the paper is brought to a secure recycling facility where it is immediately baled and staged for recycling. The paper mill de-inks, pulps and reprocesses the material into new paper products, namely paper towels and tissue. Essentially 100% of the paper we process is recycled. None of the paper we shred is sent to the landfill.

Complimentary Secure Collection Containers

The mission at Abraham’s On-Site Shredding Service is to design, implement, and service a right-sized custom solution for our clients, taking into account the number of containers and frequency of service. Complimentary locking collection containers are provided for a secure and convenient place to hold incidental confidential documents while they await shredding. Our staff works with the to determine best placement of these containers in convenient spaces throughout work areas for maximum ease of access. The number, style, and size of the containers are determined based on our client’s specific requirements.

Customers are always welcome to witness the entire document destruction process.

Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction is issued with every shred to verify that your documents were properly destroyed. The Certificate of Destruction serves as the necessary documentation required for businesses who must prove they are in compliance with regulations like HIPAA, FACTA, GLB, and other privacy-related laws.


We commingle your shredded waste with other customers’ shredded waste and then it gets securely recycled.

Depending on the unique needs of your facility and the quantity of confidential waste produced, our on-site container services can be scheduled on a basis that best meets your needs such as: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.

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