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One-Time Purge

Safe & secure on-site one-time purge service

Our One-Time Purge Service is designed for commercial and residential customers who have accumulated or archived a large number of documents that require a one-time service to destroy the documents that are no longer needed.

Our Process

Once an appointment has been made, we will bring our fully equipped, self-contained mobile unit to your location to destroy all of the documents on your premises, so nothing leaves in a readable form!

Simply gather the documents you wish to shred before your shredding appointment: it’s easy! Paper clips, staples, and rubber bands do not need to be removed; our shredding trucks are more than capable of shredding through these items, and they can all be recycled together with the paper scraps.

When is a One-Time Purge Beneficial?

It is best to use a purge shredding service when:

  • There is a large volume of documents that have exceeded their retention period
  • Businesses do not need or desire ongoing shredding services
  • A one-time clean-out is preferred for personal documents and files

Why is it important to Consider?

  • Keeps Your Company Compliant
  • Reduces the Risk of Human Error
  • Improves Protection Against Identity Theft 
  • Offers a Convenient, Fast, and Secure Means of Document Management

What Items Can be Included in a Purge?

  • Address labels from junk mail and magazines
  • ATM receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Birth certificate copies
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Credit and charge card bills, carbon copies, summaries and receipts
  • Documents containing names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses
  • Documents relating to investments
  • Documents containing passwords or PINs
  • Education Records
  • Employee pay stubs
  • Employment records
  • Expired passports and visas
  • Legal documents
  • Insurance Information
  • Internal Memos
  • Luggage tags
  • Medical and dental records
  • Papers with a Social Security number
  • Payroll Information
  • Pre-approved credit card applications
  • Purchase Orders
  • Report cards
  • Resumés or curriculum vitae
  • Tax forms
  • Travel itineraries
  • Used airline tickets

Customers are always welcome to witness the entire document destruction process.

Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction is issued with every shred to verify that your documents were properly destroyed. The Certificate of Destruction serves as the necessary documentation required for businesses who must prove they are in compliance with regulations like HIPAA, FACTA, GLB, and other privacy-related laws.


With a purge shredding service, we commingle your shredded waste with other customers’ shredded waste and then it gets securely recycled.

Locally owned and operated, we offer our Record Purge Shredding Service throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois.

Not sure which service is right for you?

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