Why Choose Secure Document Shredding?

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Secure Document Shredding Is A Vital Part Of Any Information Protection Plan

As you can tell by our name, we feel that shredding your personal documents is an important part of protecting your valuable assets.

This is not just important on the business level, but the consumer level as well. Identity theft prevention is an important step in maintaining your, or your organization’s financial health.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 16.6 million people experienced identity theft in 2012, with the losses adding up to a staggering $24.7 billion. These numbers preface a Federal Trade Commission finding that in 2013 identity theft remained the top consumer complaint.

USA.gov has compiled a helpful list of things you should think of shredding on a household level. Being aware of documents in your possession that you should shred is a solid step in making sure that you are protected from identity theft.

Besides shredding, consumers should also make sure to actively keep up-to-date with their credit records, as well as keep in mind how they use the internet, how much information they volunteer, and the safety of the websites they are visiting.

The valuable information on our “Why Shred” page includes a number of documents that you should consider shredding, such as payroll records, cancelled checks, and legal documents, but we don’t stop there. We will shred any documents that you need us to.

Shredding is a big part of our business. Our on-site shredding service reduces much of the hassle and cost of shredding by having us come right to you which saves you money by not having to pay an employee to do it, not having to buy a shredder, and not having to find a way to dispose of your mess. In some cases on-site shredding might even be required by law.

We promise, the biggest cost that you will save by shredding is your peace of mind.

If you need any document shredded, or are in need of other services such as hard drive destruction and >media degaussing, contact us.