Hard Drive Destruction Right at Your Doorstep

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hard drive destruction

Business documents while important to shred at the time of disposal, shouldn’t be the only focus when it comes to protecting sensitive information. In fact, many document shredding companies have realized the need to expand their services to include not only paper shredding, but media or electronic destruction solutions as well.

Importance of Hard Drive Destruction

Why? We rely heavily on digital communication these days, whether information is being collected and stored on our laptops, cell phones or hard drives; much of it is occurring electronically now, and for good reason. Technology is constantly adapting allowing businesses to have immediate access to information and immediate communication with customers and partners alike. This makes business efficiencies much more practical and successful for all, but it can also come with additional risks to consider. Cybercrime is on the rise and hackers are learning new ways to retrieve your sensitive data if or when the proper security protocols are ignored or when improper disposal of electronic devices occurs.

Hard drive destruction services are in place specifically to protect your electronic media. At Abraham ‘s On-Site Shredding Service, we provide our clients with flexible document shredding services, on top of hard drive destruction services, that literally take place directly at your doorstep. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

One of the most common questions people ask is: Why do I need to have this done professionally when I could just go out into the garage and smash the drive with a hammer? How about just tossing it in the garbage or recycling bin? Surely no one will bother stealing an old hard drive. Unfortunately, proper hard drive destruction is everything and YES, hard drives are stolen, and data is often retrievable which can lead to all sorts of dangers.

We have been told that deleting data is what destroys it and makes it irretrievable, but sadly this is simply not the case and a very false mindset to have. Someone who is committed to obtaining juicy data and has the right software and knowledge to make that happen, will take the time to retrieve whatever data is currently being stored on your hard drives. The only method of disposal that is safe and trusted is through physical destruction.


What’s Wrong with “Deleting” Files Exactly?

When you delete a file, you aren’t truly destroying it; not yet anyways. Upon hitting delete, your computer removes the directory listing of the file, making it so you don’t see it in your documents, and marks its location on the drive as “available”. Afterwards, new data can be successfully saved over top of it in time, but how long this takes depends on how much new data you’re likely to save. Even after something new has been saved over, it is still possible to recover old files or fragments of data at the very least. This in turn means “deleting” data is not the secure nor the same thing, as physically destroying data.


Physical Destruction is the Only Trusted Means of Data Removal

The process of destroying a hard drive is the safest option because there is literally nothing left when it’s completed! Data can’t be reconstructed if the storage device is in a million tiny pieces. Of course, banging away with a hammer might be tempting, and fun even, but this isn’t a sure way to destroy the drive. Professional document destruction specialists use industrial grade shredding equipment through a mobile shred truck or at a facility, that will completely render your data irrecoverable. Afterwards the material is sent away to be recycled into new raw materials and products. Not only are you safer for it, but the environment is better off as well.


Why Abraham’s On-Site Shredding Service?

Abraham On-Site Shredding is a Wisconsin based shredding company, specializing in document shredding and hard drive destruction services. When you’re ready to have those old hard drives securely shred, feel free to reach out to our professional team to make that happen. We are more than happy to help keep your private information secure.

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