Returning to the Office? Use a One-Time Purge

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If you’ve been working from home for some time, odds are you’ve quickly discovered whether working remotely works for you or not.

If you find that you work better from home, the thought of returning to the office may seem unappealing. On the other hand, if you’re more of an office creature by nature, you may be looking forward to returning to a bit of normalcy.

If your office is gearing to start back up again, you will want to look into shredding services and a one-time purge may be just what you need.

Why? Let us explain…

office purge shred

Quickly Eliminate Piles of Paperwork

Over the past few months, employees have likely been storing confidential documentation somewhere at home. Hopefully they have been doing this safely, like storing it away somewhere safe rather than leaving it out in the open. Or worse, throwing it in the trash.

Once your employees make the return to the office, you will accumulate a lot of paper that should be destroyed by a professional shredding company. A one-time purge is an easy, hassle-free method of eliminating numerous confidential documents in a short amount of time.

Ensures Your Employees Have a Clutter-Free Workspace

Implementing a clean desk policy is beneficial for your employees for a number of reasons. Firstly, working in a clean, clutter-free workspace has been proven to improve productivity and mental clarity. When you’re returning to the office after working from home, an organized space will help set the tone for a productive, efficient return to work!

Additionally, having a clean desk eliminates the possibility of sensitive information being leaked to non-employees and suffering the effects of a data breach. For those who seek to sabotage your company, a piece of paper containing valuable information is like a piece of candy. Make sure you have lockable bins available for employees to dispose of confidential documentation. Getting in the habit properly disposing of documents will save you money, time and stress in the long run!

Protect Your Company From a Data Breach

Did you know that small businesses are frequently targeted by data breaches? In 2019, 20% of small businesses were hit with a breach and 60% of those businesses had to close within 6 months of experiencing the attack. Shredding your documents, whether it is done as a one-time purge or ongoing services, is your best defense against a data breach. Also, if the worst were to happen and you did experience a breach, trusted document destruction companies provide a Certificate of Destruction to provide proof of compliance.

Choose Abraham’s For a One-Time Purge

Abraham’s On-Site Shredding has been providing purge services to Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois for over twenty years. We provide secure, on-site document destruction and we always provide a Certificate of Destruction.

To find out more about our services, give us a call at (262) 877-8878 or feel free to send us a message online.