On-Site Document Shredding for Kenosha Area Businesses

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The Importance of On-Site Document Shredding

Spring is a busy time for area businesses to shred documents. It’s right after the end of the year when people are looking to clean up and start fresh, tax season is in full-swing, and some people are finding out just how much excess paperwork they have kept. It can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to do, how to shred properly or have a shredding service set up to take care of it.

Kenosha County businesses, you don’t have to do anything but wait for us to come to you. One of the biggest benefits of on-site paper shredding is that it’s on your turf and your terms.

Some of the Advantages to On-Site Paper Shredding are:

  • Time saved
  • Money saved on equipment
  • Done by professionals
  • You witness the work being done right

It is important to go through your documents before you decide to have anything shredded. Make sure nothing that is supposed to be kept, or may contain current information that is still useful ends up destroyed. Make sure that whatever you are shredding is complying with your applicable industry laws, rules and regulations.

Choosing to have your documents shredded on-site also presents you with the opportunity to take advantage of subscription services, which bring a document destruction company to your door either monthly, or quarterly, to retrieve and shred documents which are stored in locked bins. This keeps information safe, as well as ensures that the documents don’t pile up.

What Kind of Shredding Services do we Provide?

We are professionals at On-Site Paper Shredding, Hard Drive Destruction and Media Degaussing. We are happy to come to your business to do the work for you, and haul the mess away. We work throughout all of Kenosha County, Walworth County, Racine County and the southern half of Milwaukee County, helping to keep businesses’ information safe.

Contact us to start shredding today.