Making Sure Your Company Has a Secure Data Destruction Policy

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Company Policy on Data Destruction and Secure Document Shredding Services.

A recent blog from the National Association for Information Destruction suggested that businesses implement a “destroy everything” policy for their data disposal.

This is important because not enough industries are taking the idea of identity or business fraud seriously in an era which those committing the crimes are using more clever tactics.

For example, in the medical industry alone, data breaches and incidents of identity theft have quadrupled in the last five years.

Is your company doing what it needs to to keep it’s information safe and destroying it in a secure manner?

Make Sure Your Employees Know and Understand Company Policy

Making the investment to implement a secure data destruction policy can quickly be wasted without making sure your employees are trained and aware of how your policy works.

It is important to regularly review simple policies such as making sure that sensitive documents are shredded and put into locked paper receptacles instead of simply being dropped into recycling bins.

Having easy to access legal information about the required storage and disposal of certain documents, or formats, can also keep employees from making the mistakes that cost you money.

Save Documents or Information Only as Long as You Are Required by Law.

Depending on your area of business, there are certain rules that you must adhere to when considering how long, and how to, dispose of sensitive documents and materials. The recent jump from paper to digital for a lot of entities has brought along with it the challenge of adhering to a different sort of rules.

General Information on Records Destruction:

So What Do I Need to Consider?

A good company-wide destruction policy includes implementing a solid strategy, training employees, staying on top of current laws and regulations, and using services such as a monthly secure shredding service.

If you do these things you can keep your company, your clients and your employees safe from costly problems and possible legal trouble.

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