If You’re Not Shredding Here are 10 Reasons You Should Be

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Documents that are ready to be disposed of require secure destruction today, more than ever before. While most companies have implemented some sort of shredding in their regular business processes, performing it securely and properly is another story and office shredders simply do not suffice anymore. Why is professional document shredding so vital? Privacy laws are becoming more stringent and the consequences can be detrimental if legislation details aren’t followed accordingly. If you are still trying to decide whether or not your Muskego business needs document shredding consider the following benefits.


10 reasons to shred


  1. Peace of Mind– Document shredding offers company owners and customers with a great deal of peace of mind knowing that their information is in professional hands, and will be shred beyond recovery, with no risk of exposure. Furthermore, regular shredding services mean you don’t need to worry about when and what to shred; a schedule fitting to your needs is established from the beginning.
  2. Documents are Irrecoverable– When you hire an experienced and qualified document shredding company, you can rest assured that every document is shred into tiny irrecoverable pieces. Later mixed together with all kinds of different documents from other businesses just like yours, it is simply impossible for documents to be recovered.
  3. Stay in Compliance – If you ensure outdated sensitive information is securely shred on a routine business you will be doing everything possible to keep your business in compliance with federal and state privacy laws. If it is discovered that you’ve been negligent however with the disposal of your records, fines could be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more!
  4. Builds Your Reputation – Would you use your credit card at a location you know has had their data breached? Highly unlikely. With that in mind, it is pretty fair to assume that your customers would have the same feelings about your company if you experienced a breach. Data breaches can damage the reputation you’ve tried so hard to build, so it is critical that you protect that with professional and quality shredding services.
  5. Cost Effective– Did you know that using a professional document shredding company is actually more cost effective than doing this in office? An office paper shredder will stop working fairly quickly if it is used continuously and as a result could turn to an unnecessary expense. Office shredders are loud and employees can get easily distracted from their regular job duties when this is taking place. It is simply not an efficient solution in relation to time and productivity.
  6. Environmentally Friendly– Our landfills are filled with millions of tons of paper every single year. By using document shredding services, you are ensuring that less paper takes up space and more of it is recycled.
  7. Establishes Customer Trust– If you proudly announce that your business shreds all of your documents, your customers will appreciate that their safety is one of your top priorities.
  8. Efficient Document Management – Time is money and the less time your employees waste by shredding documents in house, the more time they will spend actually doing the job they were hired to do.
  9. Secure Collection Bins– When you hire Abraham’s Shredding we will also supply you with secure collection bins, allowing you to keep documents in a safe place before they are collected for shredding. These bins will remind your staff to properly dispose of documents, so you’ll no longer witness sensitive files piling up around the office. Furthermore you can rest assured that your recycling bin and garbage will also be free from sensitive records; providing you train your employees accordingly.

Convenience and Simplicity – By hiring a document shredding service such as Abraham’s Shredding, you will quickly learn how easy it is to destroy unwanted documents. There will be minimal distractions to the daily workflow and our service is as simple as picking up the phone or utilizing a regular scheduled shredding service.