Why Should You Use a Shred-All Policy?

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Every business, regardless of size, produces and discards confidential information on a daily basis in such things as phone messages, daily reports, office notes and drafts, mistakes at the copier, customer lists, mail, business records, etc. The on-going challenge, for every business, is to ensure that this confidential information is consistently protected from unauthorized access and not carelessly discarded as it could cause harm to just about everyone involved including the employees, customers, shareholders, and even the business owner or manager.

It is vital that every business knows how to manage and protect their daily confidential waste. One key solution is the development of a “Shred-All” policy for all of their paper data. With this policy, employees will no longer need to decide what information is or isn’t confidential….can it just go in the waste basket or should it be shred. A shred-all policy will make sure that ALL documents are fully and securely destroyed on a regular basis.

Benefits of instituting a shred-all policy:

  1. Helps your business maintain compliance with various state and federal laws which require proper disposal of sensitive information.
  2. Everyone will understand the need to care and dispose of any hard copy documents from the moment they are created until the time they are no longer needed.
  3. Sensitive data will be protected while preventing the possibility of that information being leaked through a data breach.
  4. Customer, proprietary, and other business information is protected.

To help facilitate your new shred-all policy, it is beneficial to partner with a mobile document destruction company to outsource the secure destruction of the confidential data. The mobile document destruction company will be able to provide secure locking confidential document collection containers (bins or consoles) to be conveniently located throughout the facility.

Outsourcing your document destruction needs also eliminates the problems and risks of shredding in house using employees. Offices of all sizes will benefit from partnering with a mobile document destruction company. Pricing and service scenarios are flexible and can be arranged to fit any budget. Don’t delay, contact Abraham’s On-Site Shredding Service, LLC to assist with the implementation of your “shred-all” policy today. They conveniently serve southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois.

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