How To Protect Yourself From Tax Fraud

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What Has Been Going On This Tax Season?

The 2015 tax season is only a few weeks old and already we’ve seen the popular online tax service, Turbo Tax, suspend State tax returns because of a number of suspected fraudulent returns that took place as soon as the tax season began.

This is all coming off of a 2014 tax season that saw the IRS pay out over $5 billion, with a “B”, in fake returns last season.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Based on the annual growth of tax-related identity scams the IRS has been proactive in helping identify and try to head off many problems before they become severe.

The IRS has created a page featuring the “Dirty Dozen” tax scams that they’ve identified this tax season and how you can avoid them.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Tax-Related Identity Theft:

  • Regularly monitor your credit for conspicuous activity on sites like and
  • Shred mail that contains any kind of identifying info such as name, address, birth date or anything more specific like your social security or bank information.
  • Make sure your mail doesn’t sit in the mailbox. Especially since some employers send W-2s in the mail and other tax-related mail may show up.
  • Do your taxes early. If they’re done, no one will be able to file them again afterwards.
  • If you do them online, make sure the site is wrapped in an SSL tag. Any site you leave personal information on, at a minimum, should have secure HTTPs access.

If you think you’ve been a target of tax-related identity theft, make sure you contact the IRS and fill out Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039.

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