How To Best Address Your Document Destruction Needs

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Why is Having a Document Destruction Plan Necessary?

In the world of identity theft, particularly in the digital age, employer records and important client information have become a couple of the top sources of the crime.

For example, it was recently reported that over 29 million patients have had their information compromised digitally at healthcare facilities and insurance companies around the country.

Some of this is unavoidable as hackers stay on top of some of the best online security, but some of this might have been prevented had not only a proper document destruction strategy been in place, but the specifics tailored around the needs of the business it is working to fortify.

What is a strategy?

Regular maintenance and a well-thought out plan reduce the risk of identity or other kinds of theft, as well as increase workplace efficiency and save you money.

It used to be that you would simply shred your documents when any regulations you adhere to said so, now, understanding shredding is only part of the process. Protecting information digitally, as well as how to destroy it when needed, is growing in importance.

Having a smart shredding strategy will not only protect your employees, the information you control, but also protect you from costly mistakes, fines and lawsuits.


Staying compliant with State and Federal regulations does not need to be difficult. By contracting with a firm that is specifically in the business of document and data destruction you can save yourself money, comply with regulations and keep your clients feeling secure.

A compliant and secure strategy should consist of:

  • Employee training
  • Regular audits
  • A regular shredding schedule
  • Hard drive destruction and media degaussing plan

Who Are We?

Since 1999, we’ve been addressing the document destruction needs of Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, southern Milwaukee, Lake and McHenry Counties. We practice onsite shredding to provide cost savings, efficiency and a “Certificate of Destruction” to ensure that you data and documents were destroyed the right way. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to help set up a secure onsite document destruction strategy to address your business and organizational needs.

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