Hard Drive Destruction to Protect Your Identity

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Navigating The Shift In Data Destruction

A decade ago having a secure shredding strategy may have been enough to keep most people protected when dealing with the possibility of identity theft. Shredding documents that contained banking information, medical information, and financials was commonplace. Once these documents were destroyed, you were largely protected.

The last few decades have created a shift in the thinking about data storage and destruction when it comes to protecting a person’s identity.

Because of computers, our digital footprint has grown and is now something we must focus on to protect our personal information. Information on protecting your online presence from phishing scams, spyware, and other malicious online activities are growing, but how many people know how storing information on their hard drive increases their chances of becoming a victim of identity theft?

What Kind Of Information Is Stored On A Hard Drive?

Computers and mobile devices have become commonplace for many people. Because of this it is easy to take for granted what kind of personal information, and how much of it, are saved to hard drives.

Things That You Might Have on Your Hard Drive:

  • Passwords
  • Credit Card Information and Statements
  • Financial Spreadsheets
  • Tax Statements
  • Social Security Documents
  • Private Medical Information

What Should You Know About Hard Drive Disposal?

Recycling hard drives has become a popular practice. People are more conscious of their environmental surroundings, so this makes sense. It seems simple enough. Erase the hard drive and then drop it off at the nearest recycling spot.

Unfortunately, clearing a hard drive is not enough. Technology has come to the point that data is recoverable and the only way to be sure you’re safe is by complete physical hard drive destruction.

Do You Need A Hard Drive Destruction Service?

We specialize in on-site secure shredding services and hard drive destruction and disposal. Our services include a “Certificate of Destruction” guaranteeing that we’ve completed the job correctly and to satisfy state and national regulations.

Contact us today to perform any necessary hard drive destruction.