Document Shredding Still Prevails In Online World

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Document Shredding Still An Important Tool Against Identity Theft

As recently as 2012 identity theft was recognized by the Federal Trade Commission as the number one complaint they received from consumers. According to a 2010 report, nearly 85% of identity theft cases were still due to “offline” sources like lost checkbooks, and bills. This number is alarming in an increasingly online world.

To get your information criminals only need to pull your personal information from the garbage, or grab a piece of your mail with your important information on it. It’s too simple.

This means that you have to be diligent with what you do with your documents, as well as realize where they’re going.

There are some things you can shred to make sure your information is secure:

  • Work checks and pay stubs.
  • Credit Card offers or bills
  • Utility Bills
  • Medical Bills
  • Receipts that include credit card information
  • Old Checks or bank statements

When deciding to shred, It is best to go with a trustworthy service who is willing to come and work on-site to make sure you are fully informed of how the process works. Not only should they be willing to work with you, they should be completely compliant with area laws and codes.

Make sure you choose a pierce-and-tear or confetti cut shredder. These make the shredded pieces almost impossible to piece back together.

Also, make time to witness the shredding process taking place, and have the professionals performing the service leave you with a form of documentation that guarantees the safety of your shredded documents.

By hiring someone to do this work you are putting a lot of faith in someone to keep you safe.

We are a local paper shredding and document destruction company serving southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. We are compliant with Wisconsin and Illinois laws pertaining to keeping information safe. Turn to us for all of your identity theft protection needs.