Disposing of Used Smartphones in Wisconsin

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A new trend is to take old electronics, such as iPhones, and turn them quickly into cash.

It sounds easy, and makes a lot of sense if you have a newer model, need some extra money (who doesn’t?), and have no more use for your old equipment.

Some people also choose to recycle their old devices, which can lead to similar problems. 

What problems? Identity theft. 

How much do you think about what you’re giving away?

Without taking the time to clear your device of any personal information, or browsing history, you potentially leave yourself vulnerable to have your identity, and personal information, compromised. You should think about what kind of information is on the device you’re giving up, and how to make sure that it’s no longer on the device when you take it in. 

Another thing to consider is if the money you’ll receive for your old smartphone is even worth the potential cost of giving up your information. According to a 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics study, 16.6 million people experienced identity theft, costing them $24.7 billion dollars. The odds of being affected aren’t big, but are devastating.  

The lasting effects of identity theft can range from a few months to a lot longer. The Bureau of Consumer Protection for the Federal Trade Commission can help you understand the process of fixing your credit

Things to remember when getting rid of, or selling, an old smartphone:

  • Back up your information by syncing it to your computer, or storing it in a cloud service, such as iCloud for Apple users

  • Start with a factory (or hard) reset for most products, and think of using programs like Lookout for Android users

  • Take out the sim card

  • Maybe it isn’t worth the money? Destroy it. A hammer will take care of almost any device, and then find out where you can recycle the destroyed equipment

Call us to help advise you on the disposal of your old smartphones in a smart, and safe manner. We also offer a hard drive destruction service, for your other data destruction needs.