Complete Office Document Strategy: Is It Time For a Record Purge?

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Take Time To Refocus On A Secure Document Destruction Strategy

The New Year has come and gone and you’re still sitting on that pile of documents that you’ve been planning on disposing of for years. Take this opportunity of reflection and renewal to sit down and finally handle the task of purging those documents that are taking up valuable space in your office.

Because of safety concerns, you can’t just start throwing these documents out without incurring costly fines and government scrutiny. There are certain laws that impose requirements on banks, schools, hospitals and clinics, and other entities which deal with personal, private and important information. Based on what you deal in, it is important you understand how these laws pertain to you. (For a basic understanding of how these laws affect businesses in the State of Wisconsin, see our helpful guide.)

Laws Businesses Must Consider When Dealing With Record Purges:

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • Americans With Disability Act
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
  • Wisconsin’s Dumpster Diving Law

Once you understand these laws, you should contact a trusted shredding service to securely purge your documents professionally and to industry best practices.

Technology Provides a Solution

A recent option available to businesses and offices to avoid the clutter of mounting paperwork is to save their information digitally. Because of tiered content management systems featuring multi-levels of security there are now ways to store patient, client and student data that are compliant with most laws and regulations.

For industries such as Healthcare, there are more recent policy requirements to become versed in before making that digital transition. and break down the requirements pertaining to electronic health records.

With the quick changes and growth in technology many other industries have also had to turn to new regulation and rules pertaining to how they store sensitive records. It’s good to keep up with your own industry standards so you can react to these changes and be on the forefront of technological storage methods that can save you headaches and money.

So What Can You Do Now?

Until you’re totally technologically compliant it is important to have a good on site secure document destruction strategy in place.

We have been faithfully serving businesses around Kenosha, Racine, Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for over 15 years. We bring our professional brand of shredding and secure document destruction directly to you and leave you with a “Certificate of Destruction”, assuring you that the job was done correctly. Let us know how our on site shredding services can benefit you.