Avoiding Identity Theft on Campus is a Problem for Students

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With Summer Winding Down, Students Should Know How to Avoid Identity Theft on Campus

According to the FTC, young adults in their 20’s accounted for 1 of every 5 instance of identity theft, the highest of any age group. Also, the Better Business Bureau has said that young adults were the “most-at-risk” group to have their identities stolen.

There are some things students can do to help minimize the risk of becoming another statistic.

  • Secure your electronic equipment such as laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Make sure you don’t leave them out in a dorm room that regularly has people coming in and out, and also keep your devices locked with passwords. The FTC has a helpful list of what to use of when considering how to protect information on electronic devices.
  • The National Alliance of Insurance Commissioners suggests keeping campus mailbox use to a minimum, and shredding pre-approved credit card offers and bills before disposing of them. These are easy ways for identity thieves to get access to accounts.
  • When using public computers and Wi-Fi hotspots try not to enter sensitive information, try to logout after using social media accounts, and don’t ever save your name or password if prompted
  • Monitor financial accounts regularly to make sure there isn’t any strange transactions on them. Also, check your credit score periodically on a site such as Credit Karma, who offers a free look at all 3 major credit scores.

Between studying for exams, and going out to live the college lifestyle with friends, students really don’t have extra time to spend worrying about identity theft on campus. If you’re a student, take the time to understand how to minimize your risks going in to the new school year. If you’re a parent, make sure you help your student understand how to protect themselves, as well as how important their credit will be once they graduate.

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