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Media Degaussing & Destruction

Safe & secure on-site media degaussing for your company

We offer the ability to degauss hard drives and tape media for our customers, along with destruction.

Degaussing, also known as bulk erasing, permanently removes all data, formatting and control track information from tapes, hard drives and diskettes. Degaussing has proven to be the most thorough, time efficient and cost effective process for sanitizing magnetic media.

Our new degaussing  equipment uses a strong focused magnetic field which enveloipes the media and changes the magnetic properties of the entire data.  

Degaussing erases working and non-working media ensuring proper data security prior to destruction and/or disposal.

*** To meet HIPAA mandates, damaged and non-working hard drives must be sanitized of Protected Health Information (PHI) before disposal.

Our equipment will erase hard drives (including laptop, large and standard up to 1.66" high), backup tapes and high coercivity tape media including: LTO, SuperDLT I & II, DLT, 9940, 3592, AIT, 8mm and more.

To further enhance the security of your data we also offer physical hard drive destruction after degaussing.

While degaussing permanently erases the hard drive, physical destruction of the hard drive  guarantees that nobody can to recover the data.

Physical destruction destroys the platter of the hard drivewill, giving the visual identification necessary to positively identify hard drives that have been properly sanitized.

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