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Shredding Services

Abraham's On-Site Shredding Service offers two unique service plans to meet the document destruction needs of both commercial and residential clients.

These services are: Container Service and Record Purge Service.

Our shredding is done on-site by a process of pierce-and-tear shredding

Pierce-and-tear shredding involves feeding documents into a shredder in which hooked knives pierce the material being fed into the shredder, and pull it towards a blade rotating in the opposite direction. It is then torn apart by the counter-rotation of the blades. This leaves "confetti-like" pieces as the aftermath. 

We are a locally owned and operated company that has been serving Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois for over 15 years, by helping thousands of individuals and businesses with flexible shredding service plans to fit their individual needs. 

All waste is recycled and our clients always receive a “Certificate of Destruction” to guarantee that the job was done up to our stringent standards.