Abraham's On-Site Shredding Service

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Why Shred?

Confidential Paper Documents Are Everywhere

In this day and age, paper consumption has steadily increased and the risk of printed information falling into the wrong hands remains a constant threat.

Through our secure document destruction process, Abraham's On-Site Shredding empowers your organization, big or small, to protect personal data and the confidential information of your company, your suppliers, and your customers. It's not just good business practice; it's now the law.

Abraham's On-Site Shredding process is secure and vastly safer than having confidential materials picked up and transported for off-site shredding, as other companies do.

Our locked security consoles keep materials safe from other employees, janitors and unwanted personnel when you're not around. Once in the container, your materials are only handled by an Abraham's Service Representative, at your office. The fewer the steps in the destruction process, the more secure your materials are.

So we welcome you to do it right, on-site, with Abraham's On-Site Shredding.

We Can Save You Time & Money

 • NO costly shredder to purchase and maintain

 • NO costly disposal of the bulky shredded waste materials

 • NO noise, dirt, dust or shredder mess in your office

 • NO employee time spent shredding

 • NO need to remove staples or paper clips

 • NO loss of valuable office space

 • NO unnecessary paper build-up

 • NO loss of confidentiality, privacy or peace of mind

 • NO plastic bags to purchase

If your business currently maintains any of the following documents...You need Abraham's On-Site Shredding Service

• Payroll Records

• Personnel Records

• Medical Records

• Account Records & Ledgers

• Legal Documents

• Financial & Tax Records

• Cancelled Checks

• Credit Information

• Confidential Correspondence

• Research & Development Data

• Invoices

• Inventory Lists

• Customer Lists

• Computer Printouts

• Copy Machine Rejects/Excess

Benefits of On-Site Document Destruction

On-site system procedures reduce risks and drawbacks by ensuring all confidential materials are destroyed on your premises by trained, bonded security professionals.

• State-of-the art mobile shredding truck is utilized.

• Ability to witness the shredding process.

• Can shred sensitive information quickly.

• Customers don't have to worry about dust, noise or waste disposal.

Shred for all the right reasons

 To PROTECT customer's privacy and PREVENT IDENTITY THEFT.

 To OBEY STATE & FEDERAL LAWS which require proper 
 destruction of confidential documents and materials.

 To PROTECT the company and shareholders by safeguarding proprietary trade information.

 To PROTECT your employee's privacy.